Foster Alumni Co-Mentoring Experience


The Foster Alumni Co-Mentoring Experience (FACE) –is an essential component of the Youth in Transition Project supporting young adults (ages 18-25) who are transitioning out of foster care, on their journey toward independence and self-sufficiency. The 12-month project is designed to bring caring adults from different communities within Los Angeles County together with youth living in the same geographic area who are about to, or have, transitioned out of foster care. FACE employs a unique form of family-style mentoring.

Co-mentoring is grounded in the belief that to build and nurture trust and significant relationships, all participants must be viewed as equals.

FACE began as collaboration between SCFFAA Board Member Rosanne Ziering, its founder, and Lianne Goldsmith of Southern California Foster Family and Adoption Agency. Aware of the staggering needs facing youth aging out of the foster care system, the two set out to create a complete support system for these youth, hoping to fill the practical and emotional voids left in their lives.

By creating a new form of “family” with everyone interacting and supporting each other in the group, the Foster Alumni Co-Mentoring Experience (FACE) was born.

Since its pilot program in 2009, FACE has facilitated five co-mentoring groups and continues to expand its outreach in Los Angeles County.

We are currently looking for adult Co-Mentors as well as foster  youth in transition.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Beth Ryan at 213-365-2900 or at

For more information and to attend an Orientation Session for the Foster Alumni Co-Mentoring Experience, please click here.