Youth in Transition

SCFFAA’s Youth In Transition Program offers the chance for adults to support current and former foster youth in a safe, friendly and fun environment.  We allow the youth to be themselves, tap into their talents and skills, explore LA, meet positive adults and boost their self-worth allowing them to live full, healthy, productive lives.

To understand what the youth have been through, their current struggles and their incredible resilience and desire to succeed, read this recent NY Times article written by Michael Winerip.

To read the article, click here.

Statistics show that former foster youth who have at least one adult in their lives who supports them have a better chance of becoming successful.  Our co-mentoring program creates a familial support environment where everyone brings their strengths to the group and works as a team to support one another

To learn more about how you can support foster youth in LA – prior to them aging out of the system, as they age out or after they are already on their own – please contact Beth Ryan, Director of Youth in Transition at or by calling 213-365-2900.

Currently, there are a variety of ways to support foster youth in transition.