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In this day and age anyone can become a producer or songwriter but making a unique and inspired sound is not something everyone can do especially when success can be life-changing. To begin with, the right Digital Audio Workstation is vital to achieving your dreams but rather than enter the MPC vs. MV3000 discussion I recommend finding whatever software or workstation you can use as it will improve your creativity to have superior knowledge in the system you own and be confident in your own ability than spend thousands on something you can’t use.

The second most important thing is the sounds you are creating your tracks with rather than spending money on new hard or software the thing that could be holding back your creativity could be the variety of sounds you have to work with. Most equipment comes with a very basic sound package but to give you an edge investing now in new or unique sounds can make a huge difference to the overall vibe of your track.

Using sound modules and sample CDs are less time-consuming and technical than attempting to create your own sample but when you hear something truly inspirational then you must use that to create, however, that special something you are looking for could be on a sound module. It uses Musical Instrument Digital Interface or MIDI this enables the module to link up to any soft or hardware to give you access to the bank of sounds stored digitally within and is a very good option for those on a budget as a keyboard version can cost a lot more. Another cheap but effective way of increasing your soundscape is purchasing a CD version which again can give some more inspiring sounds whilst remaining relatively inexpensive.

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