Mental Health


Southern California Foster Family and Adoption Agency has a Mental Health Program with staff therapists, offering in-home services to foster and adopted children and their families. Our therapists can provide individual therapy in addition to family therapy at no cost to you and your family through the use of Medi-Cal. Any family member involved with the child can be part of the therapeutic process. Your family is eligible to take advantage of this opportunity either now or at any time in the future until the adopted child turns 18 years of age. SCFFAA recognizes that one of the main concerns of our diverse families is the lack of expertise within the realm of foster care and adoption. Our therapists are knowledgeable and experienced with the issues of grief, loss and trauma, which are the core components with foster and adopted youth. There are few clinicians with expertise in these areas; each therapist at SCFFAA is familiar with and knowledgeable about the children and families we service.

Even after the adoption is finalized issues may arise for your child and/or within the family. Should this occur, SCFFAA’s mental health therapists are available to assist you.