Improve Your Communication Skills

You’re probably wondering what you can do to improve your communication skills. One of the most important things to decide on first is the reason that you want to improve your communication skills.

There are many great reasons to improve communication skills, and they include having better relationships with family, colleagues, neighbors, and friends. It may be that you want to improve your position in your job or your business. It may be for that all-important interview so that you get the job you want and know that you deserve. Another reason may be to get that hot date with the object of your affections.

Once you’ve established your reason, let’s look at the different methods you can use to improve communication skills.

Flying Solo

You can buy books, DVDs, CDs and spend many hours trying to work out the areas where you can get better interpersonal skills. This is a great starting point, as you will learn some basic techniques and strategies.

Getting a Coach

Having your coach to help you to get better communication skills is probably the most effective method, however, it’s also the most expensive one. If you have lots of money and time, then this is the route for you. A good communication skills coach will give you tasks to do between appointments and will also check to ensure that you have completed them and that you are competent with the skills. Ideally, a coach will also structure things in a way that each session builds on what you learned in the previous session.

Group Training

There are many excellent group training that is available. One that I have used and recommend is Transforming Communication. This is a comprehensive 4-day off-line course that teaches you everything you need to know if you wish to improve communication skills. The downside of this course is that you will have to travel to the venue, pay for travel costs, hotels and local transport. You will also probably have to give up personal time or vacation time so you can attend.

Online Training

There are numerous online communication skills training and I would invite you to check all of them out by searching on Google using the keyword term “online communication skills training”.

The Benefits of Online Communication Skills Training

Good training will give you instant access to the course material. You’ll also get a downloadable workbook you can use in your own time. The course will be clearly and logically structured and each lesson will build on the previous one in just such a way that you will progressively improve communication skills. It will include training material on who has the problem, conflict resolution, rapport skills, listening skills, leading and pacing, and consulting.
Other advantages of online training include still being able to spend time with your family and friends (you can even invite them to take part in the training with you so everyone benefits). You don’t have to give up valuable vacation time. You save on travel and hotel costs. Your income, job, or business is not affected.

All these different ways to improve communication skills are equally valid. The method you choose is dependant on your needs, your ambitions, the time you’ve got available, and the amount you think you’re worth.