Growing in Relationship Communication

Relationships are forged and based on communication. A person’s communication skills can ultimately affect all the relationships that he has. The quality of such relationships may vary depending on how a person communicates with every person that he has a partnership. Thus said, to make a relationship successful, one must be a master of communication means.

Relationship communication is a rather fancy way of identifying a form of communication, since communication, in its very essence, is a form of relationship. Relationships are rather difficult to talk about because people have a subjective way of defining relationships often with postmodern thoughts in mind. In any way, this is the outline of communication modes that you and your partner use in your relationship.

When speaking of relationship communication, intimate relationships are what most often come to mind. This is because when intimate relationships fail, most people get broken inside. When scrutinized with a keen eye, one factor that comprises a failed relationship is an ineffective communication of thoughts and messages.

In relationships, a lot of nonverbal communication takes place. When expressing love and affection, partners hug and kiss each other along with sweet nothings. On the other side, violence can take place if one partner fails at some point, thereby expressing anger or some other negative emotion.

Such a negative emotion can confuse a person, that’s why he may tend to act irrationally when confronted with such. Feelings of fear, insecurity, jealousy, and loneliness may arise now and then. Before communicating such emotions, dissect yourself first by finding the reasons why you are harboring such a feeling. Do not blame anyone and find out the rationality behind this. This way, you could be in better standing when talking these things over with your partner.

A lot of people ask for the components of a successful relationship. The list may go on and on from trust to love, care, commitment, and so on. The list may never end, but undoubtedly, communication is always a part of each mentioned factor. To do every abstraction means communicating it to your partner. That’s why open communication is very crucial for any relationship to work out. Microsoft Team Voice from G12 is the most obvious application for the task.

It is also important to realize that feelings and emotions are important communication skill factors. If something feels wrong, talk to your partner about it. There is nothing wrong with settling personal issues, just as long as you don’t brood over them for an extended period. Indeed, most people do not like feeling like subjects of conversations, but if there’s a need for it, there’s no problem in doing so. More often than not, resolutions are gathered when such things are talked over. Do not force issues though because timing is also critical when such matters are to be discussed.

Besides, words alone cannot truly express what you feel. If you cannot find the right words, then perhaps you can convey a message by crying. Means of communication may vary from relationship to relationship. It is just up to you and your partner to find out the best means that could work for your relationship.

A person with very good communication skills may be able to handle a lot of things, including but not limited to organization management, information dissemination, expression of personal thoughts and emotions, and handling relationships. There is still so much to talk about communication as far as relationships are concerned, just keep in mind to express when you feel like there’s a need to do so.