Self Test

Can you meet or achieve the following basic requirements for foster care and adoption?

You must be able to answer “Yes” to all 18 questions. 

  1. Are you twenty five years of age or older?
  2. Are you physically and emotionally able to care for a child?
  3. Are all of the adults in your home willing to have a TB test?
  4. Are all of the adults in your home willing to have a criminal and child abuse clearance?
  5. Are all members of your household interested and prepared to care for a child?
  6. Do you have sufficient income to cover your family’s needs and provide for the foster child’s basic needs until you are reimbursed? (Reimbursements occur during the month following care.)
  7. Do you have enough bedroom space in your home for everyone, including another child?
    * Everyone in the home must sleep in a bedroom and in their own, age appropriate bed.
    * No bedroom may be a pass through to another room.
    * No more than two children may sleep in one bedroom.
    * Children over the age of two may not share a bedroom with an adult.
    * Children over the age of five may not share a bedroom with a child of the opposite sex.
  8. Do you have UL listed and operating smoke detectors installed in your hallways and bedrooms?
  9. If you have weapons and ammunition in your home, are they locked in separate locations?
  10. If you have barred windows, are there breakaway bars on at least one window in each bedroom?
  11. Will you be able to obtain First Aid and a CPR certificate?
  12. If you have a pool, spa and/or other bodies of water (fountain, pond, etc.) are they fenced, gated and locked?
  13. Are all of the medicines in your home locked up? Can they be?
  14. Can all hazardous items in your home be made inaccessible?
  15. Can all poisons in your home be locked up?
  16. Are you willing to formally agree not to use any type of corporal punishment on a foster child?
  17. Are you willing to provide full time supervision to every foster child in your home regardless of age?
  18. Do your animals have shots & a license?

If your answers are all “Yes,” Apply Now!