Our Kids

Southern California Foster Family and Adoption Agency provides homes for children from newborn to age 18. The children are at varying stages of development and have been exposed to circumstances beyond their control that resulted in their being neglected, abandoned and/or abused. All of the children are in need of nurturance, care and love.Some children are new to foster care; others have been in care for a while. The children are roughly 50% male, 50% female; all ethnic groups and all religions are represented. Our children are in need of reunification with their birth families, adoption by loving families, or help with a successful transition to independence.

Adolescent youth, and particularly lesbian and gay youth, who are in the foster care system, are specifically in need of caring, nurturing homes. Generally, these are youngsters who have experienced a lack acceptance and an improbable return to birth family or adoption. They are highly vulnerable to being homeless, being assaulted and being victims of hate crimes. This can be successfully turned around with proper guidance of a loving, accepting family.