Gay & Lesbian Youth

Southern California Foster Family & Adoption Agency is currently seeking supportive individuals and families to foster LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning) youth.  While all young people in foster care need the support of caring families, LGBTQ youth especially need the respect, validation and encouragement of concerned adults.

It is believed that LGBTQ youth account for 5% to 10% of the youngsters in the foster care system.  Many enter because of abuse or discrimination in their families of origin or in school.  Unfortunately, many youth continue to face harassment in out-of-home care, leading them to abandon their placements, become homeless and risk further abuse and negative outcomes.

These youth need safe, accepting and non-judgmental homes in order to be themselves and gain self-confidence.  With the commitment of supportive families, LGBTQ youth can become independent and successful adults.  If you feel that you can provide a safe and positive environment to an LGBTQ youth, please contact the agency at or call 213-365-2900.

SCFFAA is also working to help these youth pair up with caring mentors with the LGBT Foster Youth Service Project.  For information about the program, click here.