Foster Care

Foster families substitute for biological families when children need protection as a result of abuse, abandonment or neglect. Foster parents provide loving care, protection, encouragement, understanding, guidance, discipline, good nutrition, and respect to the children in their care.

Foster care is truly an essential service. Children must remain in the foster care system while the court works toward having them reunited with their birth families.  During this time, foster parents care for the children, providing nurturing and stability.

At SCFFAA, we promote a team approach to foster care involving the child, the foster parent, the agency social worker, the county, the birth parent when possible, and other helping professionals who may be involved with the child. We assess the child, and initiate and implement necessary interventions on behalf of the child, be it therapy, specialists or special education. Our goal is to maintain a stable placement for the child until her or she is adopted or is returned to their birth family.

Benefits of being a Certified Foster Parent with SCFFAA

As a Southern California Foster Family and Adoption Agency foster parent you receive:

  • a generous, monthly, tax-free reimbursement

  • a Medi-Cal card that provides free medical and dental care for your foster child

  • an attentive social worker who visits regularly, provides counseling and resources for the care of you child, and assists with birth family visits

  • rapid responsiveness from a caring staff whenever you need it

  • cost free pre-certification training and continuing education following certification

  • an annual clothing grant for school aged children

  • and most important of all, the love and trust of a child whom you will help to secure a better future

What Makes SCFFAA Unique?

  • We view foster parents as part of a professional team where every team member is heard and respected.

  • We provide a supportive environment with consistent, knowledgeable assistance available from a highly experienced professional staff. Each foster child has an agency social worker, who serves as an advocate for the child and a resource for the foster parents.

  • We offer a rapid response to the family 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • We emphasize individualized care for each child so that the child’s greatest potential is reached.

  • We offer on-going seminars and educational opportunities, taught by experts.

  • We provide support for adolescents, helping them to learn the skills that are necessary to live as independent adults.

  • We encourage the documentation of the children’s development and history.