Family Support

Does financial support terminate after an adoption is finalized?

In a fost/adopt situation, the adoptive family is entitled to Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) financial support once adoption placement papers are signed. This is a monthly benefit that continues until the child is 18 years old.

The monthly AAP rate is equal to what the county foster care rate would be should that child have remained in the foster care system. Additionally, the child is entitled to Medi-Cal benefits until the age of 18.

Are there Post Adoption Services?

Adoption is a life-long process. At any stage of development issues may arise that you need to help your child work through. SCFFAA offers support groups for parents and children who have gone through the adoption process.

Topics discussed include, among other things, talking to your child about adoption, birth parent issues, what to tell family and friends, how to help your child answer questions and how much to tell your child and when. Your family is entitled to these services at any time, even when your child is an adult.

Are there Mental Health Services available?

SCFFAA has a Mental Health Program with therapists available to work with children and families using a therapeutic approach. Either foster or adopted children are eligible for these services until they are 18 years old.