In addition to providing foster care, SCFFAA is a state licensed, private non-profit adoption agency. We are committed to assisting caring and loving families who want to provide permanent, enduring and loving homes for children who need them.

Adoption is open to all families: traditional, single parent, or non-traditional, provided they meet specific criteria outlined by the State of California and the Human Rights Campaign. Recent studies show that the number of single parent placements for adoption continues to increase steadily in the United States, offering expanding options for those single adults who want to parent a child. In California, acceptance of unmarried adults adopting a child has been attained.


Adoption provides the greatest amount of legal protection and permanency for a child. The child has a sense of belonging and a chance to develop permanent emotional attachments to a family. The child knows that he or she will always be a part of this family and has someplace to call home forever.