Our Values


Southern California Foster Family and Adoption Agency provides for the well-being of children in our care, and helps them become independent and successful adults.


SCFFAA seeks to provide excellent care, beyond board and shelter, for its children and their families though a spectrum of services including:

  • Ongoing support and education of families.

  • Educational and recreational enrichment of the daily lives of children.

  • Recognition of the milestones and accomplishments in the lives of the children and families.

  • Recognition of the individuality of the children so that every child achieves his or her potential.

  • Advancement of the value for diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the agency.

  • Recognition that programs are dynamic and changing as new approaches materialize.


  • Children deserve a safe and nurturing environment.

  • The emotional, physical and developmental needs and interests of each child are paramount when making decisions about their welfare.

  • The cultural heritage and religion of the child’s birth family is valuable and should be recognized.

  • Youth deserve the assistance to become successful, independent adults and productive members of the community.

  • Foster and adoptive parents must be given personal and professional support to be effective in their roles.

  • Mentors and volunteers must be given personal and professional support in their roles with youth.

  • Competent, qualified staff are necessary for preparing families to provide excellent foster care or permanent adoptive homes.

  • Collaborative work with the various social systems is imperative to achieve our vision.

  • The Agency explores innovative and non-traditional ways to pursue our mission

  • The Agency, in all aspects of its work, is diverse and inclusive.