Board of Directors

The agency is fortunate to have a diverse and committed Board of Directors to oversee the agency’s finances, establish policies, review programs and evaluate progress.

Board ChairDavid Placier, MBA
McKinsey & Co

Vice Chair
Matthew Haefner
Oakwood Capital Management

CEO & President
Sylvia Fogelman, MSW

Southern California Foster Family
and Adoption Agency

Maurissa J. Sorensen
Consultant & Advocate

James R. Negele
Negele & Associates

Dermot D. Givens
Law Office of Dermot D. Givens

Brooke Kaufman Halsband
Hilton & Hyland

Sean Reese
Vice President
District Manager
Wells Fargo Bank

Jocelyn Tetel
Vice President Advancement
Skirball Cultural Center

Heather Jane Wells

Rosanne Ziering
Entrepreneur, Activist and Philanthropist


Paula Carroll

Lazer Cohen, MSW