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20th Anniversary Event with Mayor Eric Garcetti

20th Anniversary Event with Mayor Eric Garcetti

Co-Mentoring Group

Co-Mentoring Group

The Youth in Transition Program has had many exciting updates this year!

Our co-mentoring programs continue to expand. The program matches 10 adults with 5 young adults and creates a supportive community that allows everyone to support one another and to all learn from each other.

We have already started three co-mentoring groups, with our fourth coming up in June. Two of the groups are supporting LGBT foster youth, one is an all-women’s group, and the upcoming group is mixed. The co-mentoring groups have done a number of fun activities together in their own time; a Spa-B-Q (nails and facials along with BBQ), a trip to the Getty, Game Nights on Friday, and a night out at a Spoken Word performance.

We’re so happy to see these relationships develop and grow. Our next co-mentor training is scheduled for Saturday, May 31st from 10-2pm at SCFFAA. Please call Beth or Hannah at 213-365-2900 or e-mail to RSVP.

Our Internship Program has been a true success as well. The program gives foster youth real work experience while also tapping in to their strengths and talents along with goal setting. Our first group of interns created our Agency APP, (download the APP in your APP store – SCFFAA) which is intended to connect Transitional Age Foster Youth to local resources that they need such as housing, education, jobs, and mental health support as well as articles, links to resources and videos helping the youth secure their birth certificates, mentor programs, learning more about guardian scholar programs and so much more.

Our interns participate in a group project, go on field trips, participate in workshops and learn to work as a team as well as set and work toward personal goals.

Our current group is helping to create our performing arts program and develop our outreach plan so that we can ensure that the program will be of interest to and well attended by foster youth.

Our performing arts program will take place this summer, in collaboration with the Actor’s Gang in Culver City. There will be weekly acting classes and it will culminate with a performance from all of the participants. Please call Beth or Hannah at 213-365-2900 or e-mail to RSVP or be put on a mailing list to learn more.

It’s a very exciting time, and we look forward to continuing to expand our programs!