Answering Questions Regarding a Child’s Placement

“Why don’t you live with your family?” For adopted children or those living in foster care, this is a commonly asked question. Some children find the question uncomfortable, while others use it as an opportunity to create a fantasy background.

In order to help children prepare for questions about their background, parents can work with the children in advance to make the process easier. The first step is to imagine the potential questions the child may be asked and the situations they may find themselves in. For example, if the child is starting a new school, envision the questions the teachers and children may ask. It is also important to review the information that is to be shared. Children often do not understand that they have a right to privacy, it is important to prevent them from sharing information which may be embarrassing. Parents can also role play with children in order to help them deal with any potentially awkward situations.

It is important that every child dealing with a new living situation is prepared to answer questions about their background. With preparation, children can face these questions with greater confidence and ease.