Laurie Cooper

Adoptive parent Laurie Cooper isn’t shy when talking about the joys
of being the mother of her son, King. “He’s just amazing,” she says
with a smile. “He’s happy from the moment he wakes up to the time
he goes to sleep.”
Although King’s adoption was just finalized recently, Laurie’s
adoption journey began back in 2005. She had considered adoption
as a way to build her family for a quite some time, and originally
signed up with an agency to do an international adoption from
China. Due to the extensive wait time, Laurie began to explore other
options. She learned about SCFFAA from a coworker who adopted
through the agency. “I thought exploring the fost/adopt process
couldn’t hurt,” she recalls. “I just felt that I had to be proactive.”
After becoming certified as a fost/adopt parent with the agency,
Laurie fostered several children before King was placed with her. “I
had almost given up,” she says, “but then I got the call from Robyn.”
She and several friends had been visiting Santee Alley when she
received the call; they all quickly scrambled to get diapers and
formula. “When the social worker pulled into my driveway with King
in his car seat it was just love at first sight, he just had the biggest
smile,” she says of meeting her future son.
King became a permanent part of Laurie’s family in 2010. “Having
the adoption finalized is a great feeling,” Laurie says. “I just feel
free.” She advises others to consider the fost/adopt process,
especially single people, as a way to begin or expand their family
person, I say just go for it.” She is also in favor of single parenting.
“For me it was the way to go,” she laughs. “It’s great, because King
and I can make all the rules!”
“The adoption process can be difficult, but worth it. If you’re a strong