Elisa Prieto & Leila Byron

When Elisa and Leila became friends 17 years ago, neither expected they would one day be married or the parents of a son.

Noah came to Elisa and Leila after a long journey. Not having children of their own, they decided to adopt as a way to build their family. They originally thought about adopting independently, but decided to adopt through the foster care system. After learning about SCFFAA, they contacted Robyn Harrod, Director of Adoption.

“Robyn really took care of us,” says Elisa of working with the agency. After becoming certified, things began moving quickly for the couple. It was during a lengthy discussion with friends regarding adoption that Noah was born. Five days later Leila and Elisa brought him home from the hospital and his presence became a Thanksgiving surprise for their friends and family.

Although caring for a young child can be challenging, Elisa and Leila enjoy being parents. “It’s intense,” says Leila. “It really changes your life in ways you can’t comprehend.” Both women are highly involved in Noah’s care, and have arranged their schedules to be able to work from home. Their dream for Noah is to become a happy and well adjusted child, and are currently considering adopting a sibling for him. They highly recommend adoption through the foster care system and using SCFFAA because the amount of support they receive from the agency.

“We’re so happy the way things are turing out,” Elisa says of the changes in her and Leila’s life from seventeen years ago. “Being parents is so great, it’s just wonderful.”