Cindy and Don Houston

They arrived in our home shy and afraid, these two sisters and a little brother, all pre-school age. They had been in foster care for about a year and could hardly express themselves. For the most part, they tried to be invisible, staying out of the way and not speaking. As I later came to hear their story, I understood their behavior.

It was about a year before that my husband and I made the decision to become foster parents. We were watching television and saw the arrest of a man who was accused of having killed his youngest child, a baby. We watched as his three other children were taken away by the police to be put away in foster care.

We looked around our home and saw the two unused bedrooms and talked about how much our family would have to offer children such as those we had just seen on television. We had a family meeting with our sons and decided that the time had come for us to offer the warmth, love and support of our family to children who desperately needed it.

A year later we were certified foster parents with Southern California Foster Family Agency, caring for those same pre-school children whom we watched being led away to foster care one year before. Coincidence? Prescribed? We don’t know what forces brought them to us. All we know is that the children are wonderful, they are in school, they are learning to speak up and relate to others.

My family has a sense of fulfillment and the glorious feeling that comes with helping a child.