Celebration of Adoption

Fall 2005

At Southern California Foster Family and Adoption Agency helping children to reunify with their birth families is our first priority. However, when that does not occur, foster parents are encouraged to adopt the children in their care. It is very important to us that each child has a permanent, loving family. We congratulate the following families who have adopted in the last year through the agency:

Ronnetta Blackwell adopted Alison to join her adopted son Joshua. Abigail became the first adopted child of Cheryl and Debbie Diggs-Hughes, who are fostering a baby whom they anticipate adopting as well.

Wendy Kugelman and David Chenevert decided to give their son a little brother by adopting Angel. Three brothers, two year old Shawn, eight year old Lorenzo and ten year old Matthew were adopted by Nancy and Andrew Medina. June Richardson adopted Helen, who has been with her since birth and is a younger sister for June’s three teenage youngsters. Candace and Bill Ryder adopted Ashley, whose two brothers were adopted by another of SCFFAA’s families and remain close. Yolanda Smith and her daughter, Arnika, adopted Malike, who will celebrate his first birthday in October. Stella became an adopted sister to Zoe, who was adopted by Michael Waite and Roger Stilglianoa few years ago.

Jay and Paul Townsend adopted three young sisters-Jasmine, Desiree and Annie. The Townsends had finalized the adoption of two older sisters, Jasmine and Desiree, when they heard that the girl’s birth mother had another child; they added Annie to the family to keep the children together. In September, Dennis Sullivan‘s adoption of Isaiah Richard became official. Janet Wilson adopted her second child, Zaire. His previously adopted son, Dante, is almost eleven years old and Janet recently began to foster his older sister.

We thank all of the parents for being a part of our Agency. We wish them and their newly expanded families all the best and many happy years to come!